Yusra Room Freshener

Yusra by Naseem: A premium water-based fragrance with essential oils, combats odors. Ideal for fabrics and hands. Blends mandarin, lime, aromatic florals, and woody notes. Essentially floral aroma.

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Introducing “”Yusra”” by Naseem, an embodiment of luxury in the world of fragrances. Crafted meticulously with a unique blend of essential oils, this premium water-based scent stands out for its multifaceted appeal. Beyond its enchanting aroma, Yusra is highly effective in combating unpleasant odors, ensuring a refreshing ambiance every time.

Tailored for both personal and home use, it’s the perfect choice for refreshing fabrics—from curtains to bed linens—and even offers a revitalizing touch for hands post-meal. The fragrance composition is a delightful dance of citrusy mandarin and lime, harmoniously blended with aromatic florals. The foundation reveals subtle woody undertones of vetiver, sandalwood, and amberwood, grounding the scent. Yet, at its core, Yusra is undeniably floral, capturing the essence of nature’s finest blooms in every spritz.

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