Durood And Salaam


Explore a beautiful collection of Durood and Salaam’s by Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakharvi. Discover various supplications for blessings, intercession, forgiveness, debt repayment, and more.


Dive into a beautiful compilation of Durood and Salaam prayers by Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakharvi. This collection features a diverse array of supplications, each tailored for specific purposes, including seeking blessings in this world and the hereafter, intercession through the Prophet (pbuh), means of forgiveness, and the repayment of debt. These heartfelt and spiritually enriching prayers provide guidance and solace for individuals seeking to deepen their connection with the Divine. Whether you’re looking for a means of seeking forgiveness or expressing gratitude, this compilation offers a comprehensive resource to enhance your spiritual journey and connect with the profound blessings and intercession offered through Durood and Salaam.

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